Everything in-between

The graphic design and marketing services galanova offers is extensive and goes beyond what you find listed here. Our creative abilities are always expanding and we’re not afraid to find a creative solution to whatever you need done. Please contact us for a free consultation to determine your needs.

Packaging Development & Design:

Fuse the functionality of a product with presentation and end-user interaction to establish a brand identity or carry the existing brand through all parts of the design. Influences taken into consideration during design development include materials used, presentation, display, marketing, disposal of the package, usability of the product and budget.

Implement design strategy for the product through testing, producing and marketing.

Design labels for existing boxes or bottles and/or custom boxes/packaging. Research and test materials and production, as well as fabricate prototypes.

Design & Produce Custom Invitations & Stationery:

Develop unique, customizable, high-end invitations for weddings, special events, corporate events and branded stationery using hand-selected papers and accent pieces as well as unique printing and production methods.


Advise on strategy, implementation of design, overall marketing strategy and materials based on experience and research to develop systems for brand awareness and advertising. Advise on print, website, signage, marketing and other choices.

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